About Us

p4sl leadership team

Our Mission

The mission of Pathway 4 Successful Leadership (P4SL) is dedication to assisting those youth who are considered incorrigible and their parents/guardian who have become distressed. This youth group will no longer be considered throw-aways. Positive emotions will be elevated reframing the past and imagining the future that connects with positive values and beliefs. The client’s potential will procreate to its greatest potential. Parents/guardian will develop ways of communicating that create meaningful change. These youth will have a positive support base while being guided on the Successful Pathway.

Our Vision

The vision of Pathway 4 Successful Leadership (P4SL) is to provide a positive outlook and successful future to troubled, disruptive youth. Those youth that have a lack of confidence, self-esteem, trust and respect, which prevents learning in the classroom, the home, and society as a whole, will become productive members of their environment. Skills will be developed to not only produce leaders but Successful Leaders.

Our Objectives

  • To reduce the drop out rate in the education environment 
  • To increase the graduation rate in both high school and college 
  • To provide a structured positive, true environment, that is consistent 
  • To decrease youth lock ups 
  • To improve academic performance, behaviors, and disrespectfulness by lack of knowledge

About Our Programs

Pathway 4 Successful Leadership (P4SL) is a non-profit organization that strictly follows its vision and mission statements. P4SL provides total support to youth and their parents/guardian 24 hours per day and for whatever periods of time necessary through various P4SL programs. Our programs provide for short and/or long term assistance ranging from an overnight program to a 12 week in home program. P4SL monitoring program maintains contact with parents/guardians and the school environment. This focus is not only behavioral but also academic. The continuous consistent leadership of the P4SL staff along with daily reviews and weekly reports including those of parents/guardian and the school will provide a circumference of unquestionable positive embrace. P4SL also utilizes activities that provide social skills training with an emphasis on anger management, problem solving skills, anti-bullying, conflict resolution, violence prevention and gang involvement.